Aug. 17th, 2007

Under The Blacklight is up on Rilo Kiley's myspace now. I do not like what I've heard so far. At all.

Okay, it's terrible. Breakin' Up is particularly bad.

Aug. 16th, 2007

I just ordered this wallet. I ordered it from Zappos. They have "free" overnight shipping. It's not really free as everything on Zappos costs a bit more, but it was only like 3 dollars more than it is on elux. I haven't checked Nordstrom for it yet but the people who work in the handbag section at my local Nordstrom are heinous bitches so I'd rather wait a day or 2. It's leather and I don't care.

My first Isabella Fiore wallet was lost/stolen in the Union Square subway station after a Peahces show. My aunt bought it for me for graduation. I lost it less than a month later. That was more than a year ago and she still thinks I still have the wallet. With any luck she'll never find out. The wallet matched my favorite handbag, which I still have.

Yesterday I bought this Lucky Brand Jean's Cardigan at Marshall's for only $30. It is too small. Hopefully it won't be by the end of end of September. I also bought this tote at Target. It's good for when I'm riding my bike because it has a super long adjustable strap to make it wearable. Both items are much cuter IRL. I swear.

Jul. 31st, 2007

Today is going badly in the food department. I made a half of a grilled cheese sandwich. I was going to make another half of one, and discovered the shredded cheddar cheese had molded. My dad purchased light ranch dressing today. I opened it, put some on my salad, and tasted it. It was terrible. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted. I thought maybe it was the salad itself, so my dad tried some of the dressing and he also found it to be rank. He thought it tasted like "iodine or something." If I don't throw up violently later I'll be shocked. Also the tortellini I bought at Trader Joes sucked. So basically all I've had today is a tiny half a grilled cheese made with moldy cheese, and a dill pickle. I'm hungry but I'm too worried and disgusted to try something else. We do have some watermelons in our garden that I would trust to not be poisoned or expired, but I do not believe they are ready to pick. It looks like I'll be having a hungry night.

Yesterday my period arrived and that caused me to throw up more stuff than I have consumed in the past week. Seriously, I don't know where all of that could have come from.

In unrelated news I left thequestionclub. Chat really did ruin it. It passed its prime well over a year ago anyway.


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